Recycling for the win

Recycling for the win

RM_logo_2014Elaina Mancuso—“Go green” and “reduce, reuse, recycle” are popular mottoes used to advocate and encourage sustainability in our environment. On campus, students are able to recycle paper, cardboard, and cans and bottles in blue bins that are provided for their dorm room, in residence hall kitchens and hallways, and at various locations around campus such as the Union Square. Put simply, The College at Brockport makes recycling an easy effort for students to engage in.

Since 2010, the College has encouraged sustainability on our campus by participating in an eight-week long recycling program called RecyleMania. So what is it? According to, “RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities.”

The program works by collecting trash and recycled materials weekly throughout the competition period.  From what is collected weekly, schools are ranked in several categories ranging from who recycles the most on a per capita basis to which schools generate the least amount of combined trash and recycling. Then, participating schools are able to compare their results against other colleges and use the data as a way to reduce and recycle even more.

This year, the RecycleMania Tournament is taking place from February 2 to March 29 with 461 colleges and universities participating. Brockport is a competitor in the Stephen K. Gaski Per Capita Classic, a category focused on collecting the largest combined amount of paper, cardboard, and bottles and cans on a per person basis.

Cumulatively, Brockport has reduced 56 metric tons of CO2 Equivalent, comparable to 11 cars off the road or the energy consumption of five households.

You can check out how much Brockport has already recycled and how the College ranks by following this link.

You can make a difference by taking the pledge to recycle. Sign up at tables set up in Seymour College Union, attend the men’s and women’s home basketball games, or take the pledge online. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also be helping the college climb the ranks and could win awesome prizes sponsored by the Environmentally Conscious Organization for Society (ECOS).

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