Valentines Day <3

Valentines Day <3

Liz Herrmann—Love: n. 1. a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection   2. an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment 3. [insert your own definition here]

The Greeks divided up love into four different sections: family, friendship, sexual or romantic desire, and divine love (also known as religion). With Valentines day around the corner we can’t help but feel the pressures of love, or the gym after all of that candy!

Watching Sex and the City on the Wednesday before Valentines Day, single or taken, makes you think about love and what it takes to get it. Any store has aisles of chocolate, huge stuffed animals and the small little cards every fourth grader has been waiting for. Facebook will be filled with the #foreveralone statuses and the Instagram pictures of gifts that’ll soon be eaten, wilt, or used.

Whether you are spending Valentines day with friends, your significant other, or with the three best people–me, myself and I–spend it doing something you love! Here are some ideas to make your Valentines day memorable!

Be a snow bunny: go out and embrace the cold!

Go ice-skating: Ice skating is a dollar in Tuttle on Friday night!

Dinner in bed: Take some time and treat yourself, cuddle up with a great movie and feast!         

Get your nails or hair done, it’s a great way to celebrate the day and feel great about yourself!        

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while; this is a great way to ensure someone you’re thinking of them.     

Write notes to your future self, they could be funny, cute or encouraging!

Whatever you do, make the most of the day. No one is ever alone and the world keeps on spinning into the next day.

Have a wonderful, happy Valentines day and make sure to stop by Brockway for Chocolate Fantasy on Friday!

Stay classy everyone,


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