“Tough” Decisions.

“Tough” Decisions.

Katelynn Groh—It’s the first day of classes! Yayyy…nayyy! Lol. SO not in school mode yet. And it turns out neither is school because my second (and last) class was canceled! 😀

But today I wanted to tell you guys that…I GOT A RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY! 😀 I am beyond excited! It’s here at Brockport for 8 weeks this summer, and it’s paid…which is rare for doing research!

You’re probably wondering why I titled this blog “tough decisions” because I just told you I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity so you’d probably guess that I’m going to accept the offer. And you’re right, because frankly it’d be a really bad choice to turn down the offer. But my dilemma is that I just got a job as a seasonal employee at American Eagle over winter break. I’ve wanted a job at AE for YEARS because I shop there ALL THE TIME, and busted my butt to finally get one. But as a seasonal employee I only work when I’m home during winter and summer break. But because I’m 99% decided on the research opportunity, my job at AE isn’t looking promising since I really can’t work there this summer.

But as one of my friends put it, “Katelynn, if I was hiring and I saw ‘Has experience working with clothes’ vs. ‘Has experience doing research with professors,’ I wouldn’t hire you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can always apply at American Eagle again.” And she’s right. I’m not sure how it is for non-science majors, but for science majors having research internships look AMAZING on resumes. It tells people that you have experience in the field, and have gained more knowledge than someone who hasn’t done any research.

So that was my first day of “school.” And I’d say its going pretty well so far. 😀

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