On the Hunt

On the Hunt


Michele Pettis—Network Club hosted a scavenger hunt this week. Even though only two teams participated (Network Club lost to the team from Marketing Club) the event was not a failure. After searching campus to find the location of mystery photos, the groups had pizza and wings, did card tricks, and “networked” aka chatted about life on campus and there future plans.

As the Director of Publicity for Network Club, it was part of my job to get the word out about the event. Despite posters in Hartwell, posting on the “Brockport Parties and Events” group on Facebook, and tweeting about it from the @bportNetwork account (which you should totally follow! haha), the turn out was low. I was a bit discouraged. It is a hard time of year to get people to share their time. Thanksgiving is only a week away. Given the late nature of the holiday this year, the week we get back is when all the final papers and PowerPoint presentations (yuck) are due. And then the week after that is finals! It’s enough to make anyone nervous.

Now that the scavenger hunt is over, I’m on the hunt for more hours in the day! If anyone has any leads, let me know!

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