Brockport Athletes Give Back

Brockport Athletes Give Back


Michele Pettis—As part of the Giant Read program, Brockport athletes took time out of their busy schedules to spend time with first graders at Theodore Roosevelt School.

The event started at 9:30 when a couple dozen Brockport athletes arrived at the school in our vans. They were broken up into groups in the school’s big gym. There were four game stations set up: hoola hoops, scooters, bean bag toss, and a rock-climbing wall. (Wish I had had one of those as a kid!) When the students were brought in, they were assigned to a station and then they rotated so that every group played every game.

When the kids first arrived, they were a little intimidated. The Brockport athletes quickly made the kids feel at ease and they started playing. The athletes stayed with the same group of kids as they rotated around the games. By the end, the college kids’ phones were coming out and pictures were being taken. The kids loved it! Ellsworth was also there doing his best to play along with the kids.

The athletes brought the kids bags with a tooth brush (to go along with the story Loose Tooth), crayons, and a Brockport lanyard. The kids even got a copy of the book to keep!

It was so nice to see how excited the kids were to play with Brockport students. You could tell it was the highlight of the day for the kids. For the athletes, it was more than just an opportunity to get off of campus; they also got a nice feeling from spending time with the kids. Just a little bit of attention can go along way to helping a child feel good about themselves. There are plans to do the event again in the Spring semester. It was a good example of Brockport caring about the community. I was glad I got to tag along!

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