I <3 NY

I <3 NY

Katelynn Groh—So yea…this blog is a little late (by like a month but who’s counting?) but I still wanted to publish it anyways!

Homecoming 2013. Where do I even begin? Well let’s start off with that it was so much fun! This was actually my first homecoming at Brockport since I had to miss 2012 Homecoming to go home. Run down of this past week/weekend:

Friday- BSG (Brockport Student Government) booked BJ Novak from The Office to come and perform a stand up comedy show, which I thought was pretty funny (I will forever look at panda bears in a new light). But before BJ came to the stage the Brockport Dance Team performed and it was really good. They performed to a bunch of remixed songs about New York to go with the theme, I ❤ New York. BSG also had the top 3 performers from the talent show held earlier in the week and man does Brockport have some talented people. The guy that had won 1st place sang an acoustic version of “Skyfall” and then was asked to do an encore where he performed another acoustic version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”. It was so fun because everyone in the audience was singing along to “Don’t Stop Believin'”! After BJ Novak’s performance the residents in my building wanted to go ice skating so we took a bunch of them and went ice skating for 2 hours! Well…I sat out because of my previous experience ice skating (ref blog: “Time Out”) and had to tell the story 15 times because all the residents kept asking me why I wasn’t skating. But it was still fun sitting up in the stands watching everyone. For some of them it was their first time ice skating so it was really funny to watch them try to keep their balance and sometimes even wipe out.

Saturday– We had the parade and I was so excited because again, it was my first homecoming…and…who doesn’t love a parade? We got to throw candy and the little kids would run to get it and it was just adorable 🙂 Saturday night was the first football game under the new lights on the new turf. It was so much fun! …even though we lost 😦 I don’t even know that much about football and I was screaming and yelling. I was sitting with my staff and they’re just like, “Katelynn, sit down. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” That night some of my staff and I went on a midnight run to WalMart and we just acted like complete idiots. But it was literally so much fun.

Sunday– was a day of rest! 😀 I really don’t remember what I did that day. I’m sure it was along the lines of sleep, eat, and repeat. Lol. #socollege #yesimusingahashtag

Here are some pictures from Homecoming Weekend at Brockport!

IMG_3624IMG_3628 IMG_3616 IMG_3610 IMG_3599 IMG_3587 IMG_3583

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