Foreign Language Department Field Trip

Foreign Language Department Field Trip

Lynn Carson—But I’m not done blogging yet! (See my previous post.) Here’s my recap of the trip the Foreign Language department did over October break to the city (of New York, not Rochester.)

You might ask, well why would somebody from Long Island go on a field trip to New York City? There are a number of answers to this question, but the number one answer was this three-day trip was heavily subsidized by the department and only cost me $75. (“Whoooooa,” you think, “that’s crazy!”) You too could enjoy an annual trip to such exotic locales (last year they went to Canada, for the French), if you become a foreign language major at the College at Brockport.

Anyway, we fit a whole bunch of stuff into those three short days. We left on Saturday at the crack of dawn (really, here is an extremely blurry photo taken from my common room – DAWN).


Then I sat in an extremely stylish Brockport van for six hours, which was fun in its own way. When we arrived in the city, the place we visited was El Museo del Barrio, which was really cool! It was all art from modern Hispanic artists.


(not even actually art, but part of the museum, how cool is thaaaaat?)Image

(again, just part of the museum)


(some actually art! so cool, so fresh, so funky)

After that, we went to our hotel in Long Island City (part of Queens) to discover this view!


(so sweet)

We had some free time then, and I had dinner with my mom and sister, who came to see me, at a really tasty pub a couple of blocks from the hotel. And I saw this:


Everybody else in the group had gone out, so I went to bed at 9:30 (on account of getting up at the crack of dawn), until the girls I was sharing the room with came back at 11:30 and woke me to play UNO for three hours.

The next day, we were up bright and early once again, but we went to see the Hispanic Pride Parade, which was really cool.




(it was more like the Bolivian pride parade for a while but, whatever, they had sweet costumes)

Afterwards, we had lunch at La Libertad and went to the Hispanic Society of America. The food was really good (I got to have horchataaaaaa, which is exciting), besides the Hispanic Society being housed in a pretty cool old building, there was pretty cool stuff in there. Mostly old school Spanish art and sculpture.

Me and El Cid, in a photo my department head had to retake like six times.
Me and El Cid, in a photo my department head had to retake like six times.



We were supposed to have some free time here, but the department is usually what they like to call, “fashionably late” as a rule, so we got on the subway approximately 100 blocks to our next destination, and walked around the area and bought cheap accessories at street tables until we went and saw a show at el Repertorio Espanol. This show was really good. It was songs composed by latina women sung by some very talented latina women. After that, we went to Times Square and did tourist-y things. I got a cardigan at the nightmare that is Forever 21.

The last day, we went to MoMA to look at the Magritte exhibit. There was some pretty cool art there. though I don’t, ironically, have any photos of Magritte’s work. Here are some other things I looked at while I was there:




Some really beautiful stuff there.

After that, we went to Chinatown with the scant hour we had left in the city, and people did some more cheap shopping. I had some really good Chinese food and sat with strangers at a very large table, which was pretty cool.

That little squiggle is CHINESE. The foreign language department really delivers.
That little squiggle is CHINESE. The foreign language department really delivers.

Then we went back to Queens, and sat in a car for 7 hours, which was nice because we’d been on our feet almost constantly for like 60 hours. Overall, a really fun trip.

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