Homecoming 2013

Homecoming 2013

Emily Derrenbacher—I won’t say I have ever been shy, but Brockport has definitely brought me out of my shell. I am very involved on campus and sometimes have to remind myself how many times I volunteer for things on top of my already busy schedule, my thought process usually comes down to “why not?”

Two weeks ago, Brockport celebrated our homecoming and once again, I found myself asking “why not?” when it came to running for Homecoming Queen. Just to be clear, this is 100% outside my comfort zone, but I did it.

During Homecoming week I was even more busy than usual campaigning with my friend Dre and preparing for homecoming. On Thursday, I competed in the Homecoming Pageant, which was definitely out of my normal realm. I competed against the other contestants in Talent, Question and Answer, Formal Wear, and Spirit Wear (I wore a dress I made out of Brockport T-shirts). Friday, students attended a pep rally where the Homecoming King and Queen were announced. Saturday, the homecoming court rode in the parade.

I have had quite a few people tell me they are sorry I didn’t win, and to be honest, I really do not care. I had so much fun and still can’t believe I did it. I never thought I would do half of the things I have done during my time at Brockport and I am so thankful I have, my experiences have really changed how I see myself and the things I am capable of doing.


The Homecoming Court after the pageant


The Homecoming Court at the pep rally


Tori, Chyna, and I at the parade

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