The Struggles of Midterm Week…

The Struggles of Midterm Week…

Missy Fischer—So, midterm week has begun and all the stress that comes with this time of year has hit as well. So far, I have had three tests, a paper to write, and I have another test this Friday. But wait… the stress doesn’t end there… When I get back from mid-semester break I have a test the Wednesday and Thursday as well. It’s really not as bad as I’m making it out to be, I swear. But it can definitely get a little overwhelming; especially because all I can think of is getting home and seeing my family and friends. Mid semester break is just so perfect because of it’s timing. At least to me; it’s halfway through the semester so it’s a good time to go home, or even stay in the dorms and have a few days off to yourself.

As far as giving myself a grade so far for the semester I think I’d give myself a B+. The semester has really flown by so far and I’ve accomplished a lot but I obviously think there is room for improvement… like managing my time more wisely and what not. I’ll keep you all updated with how that all goes. Hopefully by finals week I’ll be able to grade myself with an A!!

Here’s some tips from me as to how to relieve some stress:
1) Go to the SERC!
2) Go outside and get some fresh air

Because as Bob Marley would say: “Every little thing, is gonna be alright”.

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