Laci Green Lecture

Laci Green Lecture

Lynn Carson—Last Thursday, Laci Green came to campus. I’ve linked you to her youtube page, but for those of you who don’t currently have time to get lost in the internet, I will summarize what she does. Basically, she makes sex education fun and accessible. As somebody who someday hopes to do the same, I was super stoked to find out she was coming. Even better, she was sponsored by one of my clubs.

I got to go to a meet and greet with her in the women’s center (which technically was open to the public, though people very rarely show up to these things, pro tip) beforehand. She was just as cool and charming as her internet presence led me to believe, which was awesome!

She did her talk on taking down rape culture, which was also really effective. I really recommend watching one of her videos because that’s just what she was like live. She talked about the different aspects of rape culture, and what we can do to stop perpetuating it.

At the end, she stuck around for a really long time and talked to everybody who wanted to speak to her, which I can tell you as a chronic lecture attendee, not all speakers do.

Overall, A+ experience, would recommend seeing her speak.


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