Making Your Dreams a Reality: Studying Abroad

Making Your Dreams a Reality: Studying Abroad


Missy Fischer—Something that I am so thankful that we have here at Brockport, is an AWESOME study abroad program.  For anyone who doesn’t know what studying abroad is, it’s a program through the school where they help you apply and go to another school and become educated in another country for a certain amount of time.  There are so many places and options open for students.  Not only can students go abroad for the fall or spring semesters, they also have the option to go abroad during the winter and summer sessions as well.  Now the only reason I learned all of this was because of the Study Abroad Fair we had last week in the Student Union.

At this fair, there were many tables with different SUNY schools and all their Study Abroad programs.  Aside from all the information each table had on all the places in the world to visit, there was also yummy international food in the middle of it all.  At the fair I was looking forward to just see all the places Brockport offered to send their students.  Some of these places included: The United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Asia, Africa, places in the Middle East and so much more!!  When I got to the fair I was so amazed how many places and how many options Brockport offered.  I talked with one of the women running the table and she told me that she’s been to South Africa for two weeks in the summer at a Safari and what she did was see the different animals and work with children there.  This was something that was really cool to me because I didn’t know that you didn’t necessarily have to be going to a class while studying abroad (in the summer at least) to receive credits.

Once I finished my conversation with this student, I picked up some of my own packets to take home and look at.  Once I was looking at the packets I decided I really want to study abroad in Ireland this upcoming summer and hopefully do an eight week internship in the healthcare field.  I’ve always dreamed of studying abroad and after talking to my Mom and looking at the Study Abroad section of our Brockport Website I realized that this dream of mine could actually become a reality.

From this point, I still need to talk to the Study Abroad office and go over the details of the application and I definitely want to learn about the internships in the healthcare in Ireland more, but the entire situation is very exciting and I can’t wait to pursue it all!! Overall, I personally found the Study Abroad Fair very informational and really showed me how this dream could become a reality.  Yet again, this is just another aspect of Brockport that continues to amaze me and make me that much more happier and confident in choosing this University for me! 🙂

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