Suites Vs. Corridors – The Debate Continues

Suites Vs. Corridors – The Debate Continues

James Mignano—Back in 2010 at my freshman year orientation, I remember the student leaders saying something along the lines of, “corridor kids love corridor style dorms, and suite kids love suites. It’s a debate that has always existed – and there won’t ever be a winner.”

Three years later, as I’m settling into my last semester as an undergraduate here, I can say with some certainty that they were 100% correct. In fact, the corridor vs. suite debate is one that I still have with friends to this day, despite all of our stances and opinions already being well documented.

At Brockport, we’re fortunate to select which style we prefer as incoming freshmen. And don’t quote me on this, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting placed in the style that they didn’t choose. The following is some information you can use to help you make your decision.


Here’s the thing – I was, am and always will be a “suite guy.” I lived in Benedict Hall during my freshman year, and I loved it.

Benedict Hall
Doesn’t it just look glorious?

My logic when initially deciding which type of dorm I preferred to live in was something like this…

  • Roommates are super important in college and play a big role in the friends you’ll have throughout your time here. Nobody wants to get stuck with a bad roommate, but inevitably it happens to people every once in a while. In the terrible circumstance that I was unlucky enough to have a terrible roommate, I figured I would have two other guys to figuratively “fall back on,” and they would be right across the common-room.
  • Let’s face it – dorm rooms are a bit small. There’s a lot of people living in one building, simply trying not to kill each other. But in a suite each individual owns, in addition to 1/2 of their room, 1/4 of a common room. Now, that might not seem like much additional space, but it’s additional space, nonetheless. Sometimes, that extra space is the difference between having an empty room to do homework and needing to walk to the library.


Apparently immune to the great logic cited above, a number of my friends stubbornly try to convince me that their corridor style choice was the better one. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll do my best to summarize their arguments for you.

  • It’s common for people to say that students who live in corridor-style dorms have an easier time making more friends. Because there are only two people in each room, the tendency is for doors throughout the hallway to be left open consistently. Usually, pretty tight bonds are formed between hall-mates in addition to simply roommates.
  • Location. Corridor style dorms are closer to the academic buildings at Brockport, meaning less walking distance and, most likely, a few extra minutes of sleep each morning (hm… maybe this is why my girlfriends are all notorious for being late…).

There’s one bright side to having this debate with friends so often. Since everyone basically loves the dorm that they chose and thinks that they made the right decision, there must be no wrong answers on this test!

And that makes life a bit easier when you’re an incoming freshman, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Suites Vs. Corridors – The Debate Continues

    1. You’re so right!

      It’s also important to note that the suites, while they are farther from academic buildings, are closer to the Harrison dining hall… And Harrison is only about 10x better than Brockway (which is another classic Brockport debate that deserves a blog post).

      Suites 4 lyfe!

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