Is anyone out there? …Hello?

Katelynn Groh—Sometimes when I write blogs (now, for instance) I feel like I’m in an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ trying to use a radio to see if there is anyone else out there.

But then again I don’t watch that show anyways because I can’t stomach the blood and guts. Or the humans shooting the zombies in the head and having brains shoot out the back? Blagh. Gross. Puke.

Anyways. Back to the point of this blog. It feels a little surreal that I’ll be back at Brockport in about a month to begin RA training. On one hand I feel like I just moved home yesterday but then on the other I feel like I’ve been home for months. Weird right?

Many of you are probably counting down the days until you move in. Maybe you even made a paper chain-link countdown where you rip a chain off each day? No judgies. I have a countdown app on my phone ;P But right now you’re probably going to grad parties and getting ready for your own party. My advice? Go to all the grad parties that you can. This might well be the last time you’re going to see these people for a couple months or a couple years. This is your “senior year summer”. LIVE IT UP.

That being said, you’ve also probably starting shopping for your dorm. I could not wait to decorate. I had my “room plan” figured out months before I moved on. It’s so much fun! Today I got a Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog in the mail today and I got so excited looked through it. I was like, “I’m going to buy this, and this, and this!” and then I remembered I have all my stuff already! 😛 But it’s super important to know what you need to buy so that you don’t waste money. At Brockport, the dorms come with a bed (obv) that can be adjusted height wise, a desk, a small 3-drawer cabinet, a 5-drawer dresser, and a closet. There are shelves inside the closet also but depends on which dorm you’re in. (Below are some pictures of how I decorated my dorm in McFarlane).

Some things you DON’T need:

-a lock for your computer. I bought one because people made me paranoid about people stealing stuff and I wasn’t about to have my Macbook stolen. The guys/girls on your floor, for lack of a better phrase, have your back. Almost everyone leaves their doors open and people come and go but everyone on the floor knows the normal group of people that come and visit and the people who usually aren’t on the floor. But if it makes you feel better, by all means.

-a lamp. You have a ceiling light, a desk light, and a tall light that you can move around anywhere. I got a desk lamp and NEVER used it. It collected a whole lot of dust.

-notes from high school. All my teachers told me I would need our notes and not to throw them out. How many times did I reference my high school notes? Maybe once or twice. The whole year. I looked back at Chemistry labs though to remembered how to do lab write-ups. But that is it. Burn those notes.

Some things you DO need:

-those plastic 3-drawer containers. I bought 2 of them for the spring semester and used them to put food in and the other was full of misc. stuff like bandaids, q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

-a basket for dirty dishes. I became a pro at balancing cups, bowls, plates, and silverware in my arms on the way to the kitchen to clean them. It’s tough. Buy a cheap plastic basket at the dollar tree or something and put them all in there. Saves you a lot of trouble.

-power surge protectors. You know…those things you plug into an outlet and it gives you 6 more outlets? NOT extension cords. Well get a bunch because I think you have 2 outlets per side of your room.

That’s all I can think of right now, sorry it’s not a longer list. But I hope you guys have the best time dorm shopping, moving in, and decorating your dorm! It’ll be your home away from home for the next 8-9 months so make sure its decorated how you want. Throw some pictures up on the wall…make it feel like home 🙂 see you soon guys!

9 thoughts on “Is anyone out there? …Hello?

  1. Wow ,MacFArlane was my Freshman Dorm in 1973 and we thought it was old then…lol The rooms of course look the same with only the décor being different

    1. No problem! Hope you’re having a great summer! You should be getting your room assignments July 29th and then Move-In Day is just around the corner! 😀

  2. Some of this is only true for Freshman dorms. Some of the dorms in Brockport do not have adjustable beds (I had those metal frame ones for 2 years of the 3) and the upperclassmen dorms do not have ceiling lights. You get a light switch, but no light.

    1. Thanks for letting the readers know about the different rooms! 🙂 I never spent much time in the middle and upper quads!

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