Allie Donovan—The day that I thought would never arrive, has come. On Saturday, I graduated and now am about to start the next chapter in my life! I could not have asked for a better college career. It was not only an academic learning experience, I have grown as a person and a professional throughout the last four years. At eighteen years old, I arrived at college with hope of finding my niche and making many friends but I have gained much more than just that. I finally decided on a career path as becoming an academic advisor and eventually obtaining a master’s in counseling so I can become a career counselor. Coming to college I thought I would probably end up as an archeologist! But through the opportunities in participating/joining clubs,organizations, events, and different courses, I was able to navigate through what I was interested in and what I did not like to help me reach my goal of finding my niche. Although I am sad to leave Brockport, I find myself very lucky to have made these memories and turned this school into a home that I will miss terribly.

IMG_1785     I DID IT!!!!

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