Writers Forum – Take a Hike

Michele Pettis—On Wednesday, May 1st, Cheryl Strayed spoke about her book Wild. The college presented her with the Art of Fact Award. The lecture was held off campus at Temple Br’th Kodesh in Brighton.

I have not yet read Wild, but it is on my summer to-read list. I can’t wait until the semester is over and I can check out her book about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after a personal breakdown. There have been many times this semester that I’ve wondered what on earth I was doing. Being pulled in so many directions by work, school, and friends hasn’t been easy. There have been many times when a solitary walk in the woods sounded very appealing.

While Wild isn’t a how-to book on hiking, I am curious to read it because I would like to start hiking this summer in anticipation of going to New Zealand in the winter.

In her talk, the author shared some of the things she has learned since the book was published. She has traveled all over the country talking about her experiences. She has heard from many of the people that she met on her trek.

I’m very jealous of the determination that she had in order to finish the long hike. I hope that I’m as dedicated as she was when it comes to preparing for my big trip in the winter.

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