Katelynn Groh—I love college. Seriously, it is like a whole new world after you graduate. But there will be some ups and downs. And one of the problems that you might face is trouble with your roommate.

Over the summer you will go to orientation, and you might meet someone there that you “click” with right away and you two will become roommates/best friends. Or if you’re like me and don’t go to orientation, Brockport has a Facebook page, “Brockport Class of 201_” where people will post things like, “Hey I’m Katelynn I’m a meteorology major looking for a roommate and want to be in the math and science LLC!” And some people might respond, some might not. That’s how I found my roommate actually. She posted on the facebook page and we got to know each other through texts, facebook messages, etc. It was great, we had so much in common! If you don’t find a roommate through one of those 2 ways you will complete a survey online asking you questions like, “Are you a morning person?”, “Are you a night owl?”, etc. and ResLife will pair you up with someone who has similar interests based on this survey. But unlike my roommate and I, a lot of our friends do not have a roommate they get along with.

You might face problems like having their boyfriend/girlfriend come over ALL THE TIME to someone staying up all night hanging with a bunch of friends in your room when you want to sleep because you have an 8am class. It can be incredibly frustrating but one thing you have to remember is that as much as the room is theirs, it is yours. You are both paying an incredible amount of money to live in the dorms so its very important to talk to your roommate if something is bothering you. If the situation is SO BAD you can always ask your RA or RD [side note: I’ll be the RA of the Math and Physical Sciences next year! :D] to hold a meeting with you and your roommate and they’ll act as a mediator so that both of you can voice your thoughts and hopefully resolve the problem.

If you don’t want a roommate and want a room to yourself then you can apply to be put into a single room; however, you have to have a reason why. For example, a friend of mine has sleep apnea and sleep insomnia. In other words, he has trouble falling asleep and has trouble staying asleep. In his case a single would be better for him because his sleep problems would affect his roommate if he had one.

Roommate problems can be tricky, but know that you have people around you such as your RA or your RD who are always there to help you. Good luck to all of you with the roommate situation! With any luck, you’ll be roommates with someone who could be your best friend for the rest of your life!

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