Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels

Michele Pettis—I want to go to New Zealand. Bad. I’ve wanted to go there since I learned that those awesome mountains and fields featured in The Lord of the Rings were not computer generated. I’ve watched every Travel Channel show on New Zealand. I’ve bought half a shelf’s worth of New Zealand travel books. I’ve hung a 3’x4′ map on my wall. But I’ve never actually gone there. Yet. 

On Scholar’s Day the Office of International Education presented 6 students’ experiences with Study Abroad. I’ve done a study abroad program before and it was awesome. I recommend it to anyone who can. One of the many great things about Brockport is that they offer so many Study Abroad programs. These six students all had radically different experiences all over the globe. But one thing was true of them all: they wouldn’t change a thing. Two of the students there had been to New Zealand before and I enjoyed hearing about their trip. I had actually just put down my deposit for the winter session trip to New Zealand. I can’t believe I’m finally going to go!

My dream will come true in just 255 days! Not that I’m counting. 😉

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