Scholar’s Day – Do It Yourself

Michele Pettis—For her Honors project Madeleine Bryant decided she wanted to write a novel. And she did. As a want-to-be writer I’m totally in awe of this. Madeleine presented her book, Nation Nine, on Scholar’s Day. She explained her inspiration for writing. She had done some doodles in her notebook and they seemed to grow personalities. From this humble beginning her novel took shape.

Eventually she finished her novel. When it came time to edit it she used her friends, family, and professors. This saved her money. Publishing a book can be a pricey proposition. She ended up using an online service to publish the novel herself. I love the idea of this. It seems so freeing to know you can present your work to with world without going through a big publishing house.

Now I just need to find time to put pen to paper.

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