Scholar’s Day – Zombies

Michele Pettis—Ever wonder where zombies come from? It turns out the answer is Haiti.

Kent Lester made his Honors presentation on the topic of zombies. It was clear that he had a passion for the subject, but thankfully not for eating brains. Haha

But seriously. The idea of American zombies has come from the Haitian idea of zombi. There are similarities but like so many cultural ideas, it has changed as it has migrated to the US. Kent read a plethora of books about the subject and had many on hand for the presentation. He also enlisted the help of his friends to pass out programs and gummy brains to the audience. There were also a handful for students dressed as zombies complete with “blood and guts” on them. I honestly don’t care much for zombies, but it was fascinating to learn more about them nonetheless.

And the gummy brains were delicious. Just hope I don’t develop a habit! haha

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