Scholar’s Day 2013

Katelynn Groh—Like all other Brockport students, when I heard classes were cancelled because of Scholar’s Day presentation I immediately thought, “LAZY DAY!!!!!” I was so pumped. But the a day or 2 before Scholar’s Day 2 of my professors assigned homework around Scholar’s Day lectures. I didn’t know it was expected of us to go to these things?! Lol. But surprisingly, I had a good time.

Because I’m taking all major classes this semester I had to go to a lecture with a topic on Environmental Science. A bunch of my friends from my floor and I all decided to go to the same lecture and while it was sometimes hard to grasp certain concepts (these presenters were at graduate level) I actually understood one of the presentations because it had to do with wetlands, a topic that was then being discussed in my Intro to Water Resources class. And in the next presentation the presenter was doing her research in areas 5 minutes from my house! I thought it was so cool! I could really relate to some of these presentations because it related to one of my classes or it was super close to where I live!

While I initially had every intention to sleep until noon on Scholar’s Day, I’m glad I went to some of the presentations because of the knowledge that I gained (as corny as that may sound). My point being, when you’re in college be open to new experiences and take advantage of everything! You never know what may happen!

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