Dorm Questions

Emily Derrenbacher—I work on campus as a tour guide so I am constantly answering questions prospective students have about Brockport. Most of the questions are about our residence halls and this was the part of college I was most nervous about. Freshmen can either live in “Corridor-Style” of “Suite-Style” Residence Hall. Here is a little bit about each:

If a student is placed in the Corridor Style (or hotel as many people call them), he/she will share their room with 1 roommate and share a bathroom with their hallway which is cleaned for them daily. These rooms are in Thompson, McLean, MacVicar, and MacFarlane Hall in the lower quad of campus. These buildings are where the Freshmen Living Learning Communities are housed. (More information about LLCs is available at

If he/she is placed in the Suite Style (or apartment style), he or she will be in a suite with a total of 4 people. There are 2 separate bedrooms, with 2 roommates in each. In addition, suites also have a common room and a bathroom (which the roommates have to clean themselves). These rooms are in Benedict and Dobson Hall in the middle quad of campus.

Students fill out a survey about themselves (if you like it quiet to study, if you are neat, if you wake up early, etc.) and they are placed with people they should be a good match with. This survery is also where a student can request to live with someone they already know or request to live in an LLC.

For upperclassmen, there are 4,5,or 6person suites in Briggs, Bramley, Perry, Mortimer, Harmon, and Gordon Halls.

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