What’s New, Buckaroo?

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s been practically an eternity since I last posted- so I wanted to check in with you all. Quickly, this semester has been a blast so far, a lot of work, but still a blast. I know a lot of Freshman students who have said that this second semester has gone much better than the first. SO… If for whatever reason, people you know have been ranting about their first semester of college, please do not start freaking out on me! Your first semester is totally confusing, even if you came in with a group of friends because chances are, you are all going to start exploring your different interests and making friends with different people. 

Then, you go home for Christmas break, relax for six weeks, and then almost all too soon, yet not soon enough, you head back for your second semester of college. By now, you have a set group of friends, one where you all get together and storm the dining halls in a whole pack, gibbering about your breaks. But, at a school like Brockport, you will be able to recognize A LOT of familiar faces, and that eases the anxiety of having to make new friends in your new classes. Not to mention, you are probably committed to a club, sport, or organization so you have those meetings to look forward to and the people in them as further connections.

Hope this helps at least one of you! Good night and good luck 🙂

-Madeline ❤

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