Procrastinating= New Blog.

Exam Wednesday. Monday night: sitting at my desk, doing everything BUT studying for my exam.

Its funny (almost) how interesting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo, etc become when you have something important to do. I sat down at my desk to study and next thing I know I’m looking for a new cover photo for Facebook/Twitter which is downright near impossible for me because I can NEVER EVER find one that I love 100%. I keep telling myself that I can always studying while I’m on night desk tonight but…lessbeehonest (Pitch Perfect reference anyone?)…I probably won’t.

Eventually I will study, I just don’t know when that’ll be. But when you’re in college it’ll be really hard but try NOT to procrastinate. You need to do well in college because these 4 years are going to determine the next 50+ years of your life.

Make it count.

And now I leave you with something I found on Pinterest that sums up college and procrastination all in one 🙂 (…tomorrow I’ll be at Stage 5!)

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