Live Music

What is it about live music? As good as iTunes is at converting sound at the most high-tech resolution, there is just a depth and soul to music you hear in person. Nothing, in my opinion, exemplifies this the way stringed instruments do.
At Music in the Library on March 6, the Eastman Guitar Quartet performed some lovely pieces by the Debussy, Bach, and others.
On Match 28 in Tower Fine Arts, the Arco Trio played some short and sweet chamber music pieces. That’s not to say the music was in any way simple, but the songs were designed to be played by small groups for small audiences. They were the classic example of “less is more.”
I’m very impressed by the variety of music right here on campus. I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the audience members at Music in the Library autographed a sign-in sheet suggesting they weren’t there entirely willingly. As a former violin player and wanna-be guitarist maybe I’m biased. After all it would take a class requirement for me to sit through a rap concert! The beauty of music is there is something for everyone and it seems a healthy variety of music comes to our campus.
(The next Music at the Library is on April 3rd and features Mitzy Collins on dulcimer and Roxanne Ziegler on Celtic harp. It’s at 12:25 at Drake and I hope you check it out!)

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