Break Was Great…What’s Next?

Prior to break, I had hit a pothole on my way to my Intro to Statistics night class, blew both my passenger tires, which resulted in missing my mid-term test! Thankfully, given my situation, the professor had allowed for me to make it up.

During break, I spent most of my time at my buddy’s shop in which I was able to get a ton of work done on my car (which to me, working on my car is relaxing) haha.

I had also spent a lot of time thinking. A few months back I was offered a Private Investigator position. This required two weekdays off in order to take the position. So I had went part-time at my current job (leaving Thursday through Sunday complete open availability with no work or school). In taking this position, I would need to spend hundreds of dollars between a background check, fingerprinting, and equipment. Therefore I decided to look deeper into my outlined plans for my future business that I had been working on for almost a year. I could do one or the other; Private Investigator or Business.

I decided this was the perfect time to officially register my new computer business with the county! Yesterday I had officially launched the website!

It’s crazy to me to see how life changes so quickly! I still want to keep my major as Criminal Justice as well as proceed into a CJ Profession. However, I’ve been contemplating minoring in Business or IT Technology. I still have many decisions to make and options to take, but only time will tell what’s next! Follow me on twitter @Bport_Chris!

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