I’m beginning to realize that this semester is not going to be as easy as last semester was after taking my first 2 exams in different classes. I’m taking 3 science classes, all with labs, and calculus 2. Needless to say I don’t have much time during the week, but somehow I need to make time and get my priorities straight. When you’re in college it’s important to start the semester off right. Here are some tips to organization and study tips so that you’re not in my position when you’re in college.

1. Agenda/Planner – write all important due dates and test dates down in a planner and look at it frequently so that they don’t suddenly creep up on you.

2. Study every day! – what I mean by this is after you get out of a class and head back to your room, pull out your notes and look over what you just learned. Rewrite & summarize the notes or look at them every night for 5-10 minutes so that when it comes time for tests/exams you already have a head start on all the material.

3. Use the study lounges! – in the freshman (corridor style) dorms there is a study lounge on each floor. I only just started using them this semester and I don’t know why I never used them before!? There’s no distractions. Just you. Or you can have study groups get together in the study lounges. Whichever you prefer.

4. Student Learning Center – this is where you go when you need a tutor for a class, and I swear by it. If I didn’t go 2x a week last semester I would’ve never passed my calculus final. They are such a huge help! Getting my butt in there these next 2 weeks to study for my calc 2 exam in 2 weeks!

5. Make time for YOU – I’ve been running myself wild this past week and I want nothing more than to sit down and watch the last 2 episodes of The Carrie Diaries that I’ve missed. So make time to relax so that you don’t go crazy or anything! Lol.

These are just some suggestion and I highly recommend them, but do whatever that best fits you! You want to get good grades in college because whatever you’re majoring in is going to become your job. It’s crazy to think about. While looking at my planner I realized that there is 2.5 weeks until spring break, then there’s the month of April and 3 weeks in May and then we’re done. Boom. Just like that. It’s crazy to think I’m almost a sophomore in college already! If you think times flies in high school, just wait until college!

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