Torn in two…hundred directions

I have two exams tomorrow, two quizzes on Friday, and a paper as well as a project due on March 1st. Taking 17 credits isn’t for the faint of heart. Add to that working at least 20 hours a week and wanting to spend time with family and friends and life can get pretty hectic.
I’m literally laying in bed as I type this thinking about all the things I need to do (one of which was go to sleep an hour ago so I can get up at 6am and not be cranky pants as I shovel all this stupid snow that’s coming down now) and my head is spinning. How will I get it all done?!?
But then I remember to just take a deep breath. It will all get done. Maybe something will have to give, but that’s what prioritizing is all about.
Feeling stressed by that giant to-do list? Maybe you need to step back. Determine what’s most important and what can wait.
And always, get a good night’s sleep. Speaking of which…I think it’s time for me to zzzzzzzzz 😴

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