The Start of My Spring Semester…

So far this semester started out rough for me (again) haha. I had managed to acquire yet another parking citation on my second day! I had purchased a 1 year commuter parking pass assuming that I was able to park in any commuter parking lot. However, I had the brown pass which is only valid after 4:30pm. Not realizing this, I had swapped it out for an all day parking pass and was able to successfully get the ticket appealed! 🙂

This semester I had also went part-time at my current IT position to take on another part-time position as a Private Investigator for insurance fraud. Therefore I’m only taking four classes this semester: Trans-cultural Health, Restorative Justice, Abnormal Psych, and Intro to Statistics. Abnormal Psych and Intro to Statistics are probably my two hardest ones right now. Only for the pure fact they seem to have the most work to them! Three weeks in and I’ve already had one quiz (which was extra credit, so it wasn’t really the ‘real thing’) and one real test in my Abnormal Psych class.

All in all, this semester seems to be running fairly smooth though! It seem’s just like last semester, each week is flying by and mid-terms are going to be here before we know it! This is actually kind of weird seeing as to how we’ve had almost two months off and I feel like I JUST did mid-terms! lol

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