Winter Break Re-Cap

Something I love about Brockport is how long the winter break is. While most of my friends returned to school January 2nd, I still had three weeks to relax and do nothing at all. The down time with my friends and family was definitely much needed after so long away from them and a stressful exam week. But alas, it was time to say good bye once again and head back to Brockport, NY.

Since I have been back on campus, I have been plagued with terrible jet lag where I can’t fall asleep until 4 AM and therefore want to sleep in until 2 PM. But of course, classes have now started and I have to drag myself out of bed for my 8 AM class. Yet my return also means that I get to see all my friends again, who I really did miss! A huge group of us went to dinner last night and it was great to be able to catch up.

So, here is my advice for anyone who is flying in out of a different time zone:

1. Drink lots of water. Apparently it helps.

2. Try adjusting your sleep schedule to EST at least the day before you travel.

3. Maybe plan on coming back to campus a couple of days before classes start so that you aren’t still adjusting during the school week.

4. Try your absolute best not to sleep in to ridiculous time (for example, 3:30 PM).

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