End of the Semester Shenanigans

The past few weeks have been crazy!  But overall, I found finals week to be a lot less stressful than I expected.  Of course, it was not one of my favorite weeks at school, but I was definitely expecting a worse week.  Coming into college I thought tests would be out of this world hard, but I found that studying, getting my rest and not stressing out too much made things go a lot smoother this semester.

I cannot even believe that this semester has finally come to a close.  It felt like just yesterday I was sitting in my room packing to go to school.  Now I have repacked all my things and brought them home again.  Being on Winter Break is so exciting so far.  Although, I do miss my roommates already 😦  But while I’m on break, I plan to: first and foremost – get my sleeping pattern back to normal… As you can see, since I’m writing this post at 2am, my sleeping patterns are so messed up.  Other than that, I plan on hanging out with my friends and family and also getting a job so I won’t be too bored at home while my sister’s at school, and my parents are at work all day.  I’ll be sure to post in a few weeks and let you guys know how my break is going.

Also, I know you all are starting to get your acceptance letters.  This is a really exciting time, and I hope you all are receiving acceptances from your top choices.  (Hopefully that is SUNY BROCKPORT!)

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