Finals Are Finally Over! ! !

These past couple weeks have been a little stressful given it’s the end of the semester, resulting in finals. None of my finals were hard, however, they weren’t exactly easy either.

Although I haven’t really missed many classes and retained most of the information, I definitely could have studied a little bit more. Last night I had actually pulled an all-nighter to review thirteen chapters of text! I’m happy to say tonight was my very last final, and it felt GREAT to be done with it! =)

Tests, quizzes, and finals, however, can be stressful for anyone, regardless of the endless hours you’ve put into your studies. Here are some things that help(ed) me get through the semester that I would like to share…

  • Making time for studying, just an hour here and there goes a long way!
  • Read over all key points of whatever topic the class is currently on.
  • Keeping on a routine makes it easier to stick to commitments, not just for studying, but other commitments such as free time and friends as well.
  • Last off (and most crucial for me, yet really hard) is staying closer to the friends who “understand” when you have to study…Not so much the ones that try to pressure you away…this area has thrown me off track; a few times. Following this has kept me focused and helped me to not fall behind.

As for the end of this semester, I’m going to relax comfortably and stress free knowing that I’ve successfully passed all my classes!

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