Thanks for the Chance

Turkey. Stuffing. Potatoes. Aged sheep’s milk cheese from Italy.

You’re wondering if this is a game of “which one of these things is not like the other one”? It is not. It’s a list of the delicious foods I have consumed this weekend.

Due to family members’ work schedules and travel plans, we decided to have Thanksgiving on Saturday. A week or so beforehand my cousin wrote to me and said we should think of something to do for dinner on Friday night. Because she had gone on her honeymoon to Tuscany some years ago and I had studied abroad there this summer, we decided on an Italian theme. Given the fact that I cannot cook (I took Professional Food Writing) I offered to bring an antipasto. And I knew just the one: pecorino tuscano with honey.

While in Firenze (Florence) my group and I ate at an awesome restaurant called Casalinga. This was one of the few dining establishments that did not have English on their menus. I decided to get brave and order what I thought was a cheese plate with honey. It turned out my rudimentary Italian was correct and that’s exactly what I got. And I’ll never be the same! The three different ages of pecorino were variations on nutty and tangy. The accompanying honey, walnuts, and pears were perfect.

So when the time came, I brought two ages of pecorino tuscano and honey to our pre-Thanksgiving Black Friday Italian dinner. The dish raised more that a few eyebrows, but most everyone who tried it loved it. While we were eating, I got to tell everyone stories about my time in Italy. My cousin also shared about her honeymoon.

Sharing food and stories with loved ones is what celebrations are all about!

The moral of the story is if you have the opportunity to study abroad YOU MUST DO IT! Seriously, I can’t say it often enough. You will learn so much and have experiences that will improve your life in amazing ways. Studying abroad isn’t cheap and it’s not like taking a trip to Disney World, but in the end you will be thankful that you did it!

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