Packing 101

When first packing for college you constantly hear, “DON’T OVER PACK!” But you ignore it thinking, oh no, I absolutely NEED to bring these books because what if I have time to read them?! Here’s a tip: don’t bring the books (you really don’t have time to read them) or whatever you think you need to bring with you to college.

Tomorrow starts Thanksgiving break until next Sunday and as I’ve been packing I’ve found some stuff that I brought to school thinking I would need, but haven’t touched since August 23. So here’s a list of things to bring to school when you first move it…

1. Clothes – when you first move in it is HOT. So obviously bring your summer clothes. You won’t need your NorthFace jacket, Uggs, etc. until middle to late October. Plus it’ll save space in the car when you bring everything up. Mid-Semester break is a good time to bring up cold-weather clothes.

2. SOME t-shirts – the first weekend here I got about 5 new t-shirts so don’t bring a lot or t-shirts will be pouring out of your dresser.

3. Shoes – limit the amount of shoes you bring, there isn’t a lot of space for them. But if you MUST bring every pair of Nike sneakers that you own, I suggest in investing in some kind of shoe organizer for under bed storage or closet storage.

4. Toiletries – for this…bring whatever you need for your daily routine.

Other than that you really don’t need anything else except for food to keep in your dorm. I brought a couple books up thinking, “oh, maybe I’ll have time to read them in my spare time..?” No, you really don’t have any spare time and it’s not a bad thing! Between school work and doing things with friends you really don’t have any time for anything else. So try to make a list of things you want to bring and then go back and eliminate anything that isn’t necessary.

Another tip, when you go home for Thanksgiving try bringing stuff from your dorm back home. When you come back from Thanksgiving break you have 3 weeks left, so in doing this you’ll save time and space when you move back home in December!


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