Brockport Style Guide

If you are anything like me, the hardest part of college has been deciding what clothes to bring with me. Here is my “Brockport Style Guide” on what to pack for a typical semester.

1)    Rain Boots. We get a fair amount of rain here at Brockport, some of us joke that the puddles on the sidewalks turn into “Lake Brockport”.  So I would have to say that rain boots are a necessity in the Fall and Spring. They are perfect to have walking to class or to do some puddle jumping.

2)    Winter Boots. Last year, we had an extremely mild winter so we are all expecting to get hard with snow this winter! It’s never too early to unpack your snow boots just in case. (We never know when the snow will start, sometimes October, sometimes December). They make walks across campus so much warmer.

3)    Brockport Hoodie. Every student should own at least 1 hoodie to wear to all of the campus sporting events. They can be purchased at the Brockport Barnes and Noble bookstore as well as t-shirts, sweatpants, and hats. New students hardly ever need to pay for t-shirts in the fall. I know this year I ended up with 5 free shirts before classes even started!

4)    A dress outfit. Students have so many experiences in which they may need to dress more professionally than they would dress for class. Conferences, interviews, dinners, and banquets are among these occasions. It’s important to have at least one outfit to wear for this occasions and look professional.

5)    Your typical outfits. Only you know what you wear on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t typically work out, don’t bring too many athletic t-shirt and shorts. If you tend to dress very casually, don’t bring dresses and skirts. Know what you wear to avoid bringing clothes that will take up the extremely limited closet space.

When packing, it’s extremely important to keep in mind when you plan on going home. When we move in at the end of August, it is pretty hot so we don’t need to bring hats, gloves, and winter boots just yet. But for the student who may not go home until December, they may need those items at the beginning on the semester.

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