Family Weekend Fun

When you leave home and start school, not seeing your family every day is definitely something that is a HUGE change.  My family and I are super close, so going from seeing them every single day to talking to them on the phone once or twice a week was a big difference.  When I got to Brockport I made a GREAT group of friends, and I consider them my second family.  So the transition hasn’t been too hard.  But, of course I still miss my family.  Especially in the sense that I want them to know what my dorm looks like, where I go work out, where my classes are, what the town is like, etc.  I’m obviously not the only person on campus that has felt like this, so The College at Brockport decided to have a Family Weekend.  This is a weekend dedicated for students’ parents to come up for the weekend and see what their child has been living like.

My parents decided to come up just for the day on Saturday.  I had so much fun and it was so great to see them!!  The entire weekend had a fun-filled schedule of events including: an art exhibit, a hockey game, a free showing of The Lorax, bowling, tours around campus, the Brockport/Oklahoma wrestling invitational, a  football game, a swim meet, open skate, “stuff-a-bear”, and another hockey game and even more!!

My family are huge fans of watching wrestling.  My dad was a wrestler in high school and was a modified coach as well.  He was blessed with two girls for children and we decided to be cheerleaders, so he had to get his fix of wrestling by raising us to appreciate the sport of wrestling.  Yes, I know, it’s quite comical.  I’ll just tell you about a few of my favorite events at Family Weekend.

Going to the Brockport/Oklahoma wrestling invitational with my family was definitely one of my favorite events that day.  I got to sit, relax, and watch some D1 athletes wrestle (Brockport is D3, but the tournament also consisted of University of Oklahoma, Maryland, American U, West Point (Army), and UB, which are all D1 schools).  The other event my family and I attended was stuff-a-bear.  We got to stuff a Golden Eagle and put it together just like a Build-a-Bear.  This was a lot of fun and my entire family really enjoyed this event.

Here are some pictures of my family and I at Family Weekend

This is my family and I at registration in the SERC

This is mine and my Dad’s Golden Eagle that we stuffed in the Union

Overall, it was a really great weekend, and I hope that you are here next year and are able to join in all the fun with your family!!


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