Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Touring college after college, listening to information session after information session, listening to students rant about how great their college is can be a little redundant and overwhelming. All you’re thinking is “come on people, hit me with your best shot”  Because honestly, all we want are the facts on the difference and special features of the colleges so we can decide what school is best for us. Well in this post, I am going to explain aspects about Brockport that sets us apart from other colleges.

Here at Brockport we have many different learning opportunities for students to take advantage of that will help better and enhance their education. We have the Delta College Program, an Honors Program, and Living Learning Communities.

This program is an alternative education program that focuses on career exploration through career preparation and doing internships. The students work with faculty members who take on the role as a mentor for this student as they attend Brockport for the following years. They work on portfolios, resumes, networking and interviewing skills for internships and jobs. The courses students take aren’t traditional classes, instead they are collaborations between students and faculty working building skills in writing, presenting, critical thinking, ect.

The honors program is an great opportunity for students to reach their full academic potential through small class size and student centered learning. Students are want to apply for this program must have at least a 93 GPA and a 1250 on the SATs/28 ACT score (this past year, students who applied had an average of a 96 GPA and a 1290 SAT score).  If accepted students are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA. There are many perks to enrolling in this program! free ipad! tuition waiver! free parking pass! priority registration! (what a relief it would be to know you will be getting into the classes you need!)

Students are placed in a hallway living with other students sharing similar interest. There are many different types of living learning communities students can choose to be a part of. Such include: global village, leadership & community service, recreation and fitness, math & science, green house, teachers of tomorrow, future health professionals, creative artists, honors house, and academic exploration. These communities’ purpose is for students to interact with other students who are in the same major or share the same interests.

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