Mid-Terms Be Gone…

I know I’m a little late on this one, but between work, school, and homework time gets a little crazy for me! I’ve been meaning to post a blog in regards to mid-terms, so here it goes!

Since I work full time during the day, I only take four classes in the evening Monday through Thursday. Of the four, only three had given mid-terms. (The fourth class we have a test before each class on the chapters we read, which are then averaged for our midterm grade).

However, they really weren’t that bad! Many people think (as did I) that mid-terms are one full week of tests. Wrong.

As for my classes, I had three mid-terms over the course of a two week period, so it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. However, studying is key.

I wouldn’t suggest assuming “I know enough to pass these tests.” and set studying aside. I won’t lie, I feel I could’ve have done much better had I studied a little bit more! Overall, they are really just tests.

As long as you’re keeping up with your studies there should be little to no stress over these!

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