Typical Day in the Life of Allie

When looking at colleges my senior year, I went on a lot of tours and attended many information sessions. Although those were very helpful, I wanted to know what a typical day for a college student was. It seemed awesome that they only had to go to their class and then after they were free to do whatever they wanted  whereas in high school we were forced to stay the straight 6 hours.  So here is my typical day here at Brockport!

6-9am: There are many different jobs on campus but because of my schedule, I babysit in the mornings to make a little extra $$$$$$. So usually I am up by 6am most mornings.

* On the Brockport Website, there is a page called JobShop where you can find listings for all the jobs on campus as well as internships!

9-10am: When I get home from babysitting, I usually take a nap. Normally, I am hesitant to nap because I think it is a waste of time but the more I read about how naps improve memory the less I feel guilty about it.

Because I am a senior and have certain classes I have left to take in order to finish my degree and graduate on time, my schedule tends to be all over the place! This semester, I only have classes on monday, wednesday, and friday.

10:10-11:00am: Biostats! This class is a statistics class that is required in order to obtain a degree in Health Science

11:15-12:05pm: Public Health! I am taking public health because this is the career field I am interested in after I graduate. It focuses on protecting and promoting health.

12:20-1:10pm: Nutrition! This class focuses on all the aspects of nutrition. Last week I just took a test on the different minerals and vitamins.

1:20-2:15pm: This is usually the time I go to lunch except on mondays I have my video blog meeting! During the meetings, we discuss any events coming up that we can film or talk about new episodes. I usually go to the dining halls for lunch because I LOVE BROCKPORT DINING HALLS!!! BEST FOOD EVERRRR!  There is Harrison Dining Hall which is bigger with more selections and there is Brockway Dining Hall which is a bit smaller but an amazing salad bar and offer specialty items such as paninis.

2:15-5:05pm: I have a gap of time between lunch and my last class of the day. Usually during this time I either do homework, go to professor’s office hours, have meetings with other video bloggers or group members for projects. Also, for one of my classes I am a note taker, which means that at the end of the semester I receive $100 at the bookstore for taking notes for the Office of Students with Disabilities.

5:05-6:20: Environmental Health! In this class we discuss how the environmental can effect health. Last class we presented with a group on different topics dealing with urgent problems in the United States. My group’s topic was on how to fix the water shortage problem in Southern California.

After class I usually eat dinner and then either play open hoops basketball or go to the SERC to workout before I do homework/study.  Sometimes during the week, my friends and I will go to the Strand,  the town movie theatre. With your student ID it costs only $5.50!

and of course, at least once a day I need to get my caffeine fix in!

That is a typical day for me! In my opinion, becoming involved keeps you buys, so you are never bored and it’s a good way to not get into a boring routine!


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