Commuting Tips 1

With midterms complete and the semester nearly half way over, I have learned a thing or two about how to make life as a commuting student a little easier.

1. Try to find a fellow commuter student who is coming from the same area as you. This will help you out in a number of ways.

  • It’s always good to make friends 🙂
  • If you have car troubles and need a ride you can easily call up your buddy and try to car pool.
  • It’s easier to get study time in with someone who is nearby.
  • You won’t feel like your the only person making a long drive to campus everyday 🙂

2. Stock your car with healthy things to snack on.

  • When I first start at Brockport a couple of months ago I would be starving! Being the frugal person I am, I hated spending money on campus food and I would go home hungry and end up eating unhealthy food for dinner. Then I got the smart idea to add some snacks to my weekly grocery list!
  • My favorite are prepackaged portions (that don’t need refrigeration) such as fruit cups and apple sauce. Don’t forget to pack a spoon!
  • My commuter buddy also suggested I buy a pack of water to keep in my trunk. An option much cheaper then having to buy individual bottles everyday.

3. Always make sure you have enough gas for the day. I commute to Brockport from Rochester and I noticed the gas is always at least three cents higher in Brockport than in Rochester. On one day, it was $.10 higher at one station.

4. Email your work to yourself. My old school was 10 minutes away from my house so if I forgot an assignment, or something of the sort, it was easy to just run home and get it. However I am now 30 mins away and I am horribly afraid or forgetting something at home. So I always make sure to email my papers to myself just in case. That way if I do forget something I can easily email the teacher my assignment or I can just print it out on campus.It is also handy to have a scanner in case you can’t make it out to campus and need to email your work to your teacher.

5. Watch where you park. If you are on campus for a long period of time like myself, watch where you park. I could not figure out for the life of me why every night after being on campus for at least five hours, my car would be covered (and I mean have to send it through the car wash twice covered) with bird poop! Tell finally I realized when I leave my car parked under or near a lamp post, the birds sit there ALL day and take care of business. Not the best idea.

So these are the main things I have learned so far. Hope to share more as I discover.


One thought on “Commuting Tips 1

  1. As a fellow commuter I agree with all your tips. The one about emailing your work to yourself is excellent! I have also found that if your textbook comes with audio files, listening to them in car as I drive is a great way to study.

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