Weekend Festivites!

Weekends are never dull here at Brockport!

Friday night my floor’s RA had a “Girl’s Night” where we painted nails and watched The Ugly Truth! Two words… Gerard. Butler. By the time that was over Late Night with Ellsworth’s Midnight Breakfast was going on, so we all decided to go and grab something to eat. I might’ve taken all of the french toast sticks hostage…mmm! They also had a band playing here with some funky, cool lights which was totally awesome!

Saturday my aunt, uncle, cousin, and his girlfriend came up to visit me since my cousin will be transferring to Brockport next semester! :D One thing you should know about my cousin is that he is HUGE on hunting. Our family frequently refers to his room as, “the room of death” because he has so many…”trophies”. While we were walking around he noticed all of the squirrels on campus, and he may or may not have been trying to catch them. So if, by any chance, you see a decrease in the number of squirrels next semester, he is the reason why! After walking around campus and meeting up with one of his friends from high school we went out to eat at Friendly’s (which was DELISH!) and went to the football game to cheer on one of his other friends from high school…and froze to death while doing so! But it was fun :) After the football game my aunt and uncle took me home to see my family and to go to my cousin’s 8th birthday party. I was only home for 18 hours, but it was worth it because it had been 3 weeks since I had last been home and I might’ve missed my mom a littttleee bit.

I was only able to spend a short time at home because on Sunday the MSLC (Math and Science Learning Community) took a “field trip” to Zarpentine’s Corn Maze in Hilton. Let me just say, I had the BEST time there and if you need something to do on the weekends, go to Zarpentine’s! Within the Corn Maze was a game, The Amazing Race. When you first enter you are given a clue, and once you answer that clue it tells you to go to a certain location within the maze. And after an hour and a half, myself, 2 friends, my RA, and my professor got through the corn maze, collecting all 8 popsicle sticks (located at each clue destination) in order to be entered for a free iPad drawing!

I love the Brockport always has something to offer on the weekends so that you’re never bored! Plus you end up creating memories that will last a lifetime! (cliche I know!)

Here are some pictures from the corn maze…

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