Life as a Night Desk Attendent

I kept a job all through my four years of high school.  I worked for my local country club as a busser, waitress and hostess.  So, when I came to Brockport I knew I would want to keep busy and definitely keep making money $$$ :p  I had told my Mom about this and she was leery that I get a job because she would rather I spend time on my studies.  At first I agreed with her, but then I realized I needed a job.  Working is what I like to do.

At first I thought I would want to work at a local restaurant in the village of Brockport.  But then I thought about how it would be a hassle to get to work in the winter (since I have no car here) and how I might be scheduled too often and then I really wouldn’t be able to keep up with my studies just like my Mom was worried about.

On one of the first days I was walking into my building and saw on the big bulletin board: “NDA’s needed, applications below.”  First I asked myself, what the heck is a NDA?  I figured I’d take an application anyways and go ask one of my building’s Resident Assistants what a NDA was.  I asked Kevin and he told me that a NDA is a Night Desk Attendent: a person who sits at a desk starting at 10pm and signs guests who have a host/hostess  into the building until 3am.  I’m a night owl, so I thought, “hmmm this would be great! I’ll fill out the application and hope for the best!”  After the interview with Kevin, the RA in charge of all the NDA applications and interviews, he called me and told me I got the job!  I was ecstatic! 😀

Andddddd the rest is history.

No just kidding.  Anyways, I found out that I had Thursday nights, so every Thursday for the rest of the Fall semester I would be signing guests who had a host or hostess into my building from 10pm until 3am.  I honestly love my job.  It lets me get to know the rest of the people in my building and not just the ones in my hallway.  Meeting all new people from my building and even their guests allows me to (1) make new friends and (2) see a lot more familiar faces around campus.

Night Desk Attendents aren’t the only jobs on campus.  I have friends who work at sporting events, at the SERC, and even at the dining halls.  Another great thing about getting a job through the school is you can only work a maximum of 20 hours a week .  I believe this is a good thing because you will still have a good amount of time to work on your studies and keep those grades up! (: So, to wrap this all up, if getting a job on campus is something you’re interested in — I really suggest you  look into.


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