A Little Bit of Advice…

A strong piece of advice I suggest to everyone is to utilize time management!!! We hear it all the time throughout school, but it first came to me as “just an agreeable word”. In other words; it meant nothing to me.

I used to be late for appointments, missing assignments, and not so much on top of my game. I’ve grown to simply use the calendar on my phone to keep track of where, how, and when I use my time. To some, it may seem a little over board, but it has definitely helped me manage everything a lot better!

I highly suggest reading whatever chapters and completing any assignments right when you get them. There’s going to be times where you’ll want to put an assignment aside to go to an event with friends. Unless you’re caught up; don’t. (Yes. I know…it’s a very difficult decision!) But, it is even harder to catch back up if you fall behind…

The way I see it…You really only get one shot at maintaining a healthy GPA. Getting the assignments done as soon as you get them (as much as you may not want to), will definitely help and make college go much more smoothly!

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