Gym Class Heroes

Hey everyone,

Sorry it took me so long to get this post up- it’s been a crazy couple weeks. So, on September 14th, Gym Class Heroes came to Brockport to perform. The concert was scheduled to start at 9 pm, so some of my friends and I got there around 8 so that we could watch some of the acts from the Grand Opening of the SERC…. yet at soon as we got there, they finished those performances and started kicking people out of the gym so that they could clean up and set up for the concert. Which means that my friends and I had to stand outside the doors for an hour. Which really isn’t that bad, we were in the front of the line and I would be the first one through the doors, so we were pumped to be able to be first row during the show! 9 o’clock rolls around and they start taking our cards, searching our bags and self for anything hazardous and I finally get through… only to see  two rows of people lined up along the stage. My first reaction was, WTF? My friends and I get our spot in about the middle third row, so we actually had a pretty good view. I guess they allowed some people to stay in while they  cleaned, and apparently they decided to keep people that would be taller than my 5’4″ and was made worse by the fact that the first two rows were on some sort of platform that was a couple inches high. I managed to ssecure myself a spot where I could see each side of the stage and the middle pretty well, so i was quite satisfied and looking forward to GCH!

Their opening act were these two guys called TurboSwag… I did not enjoy them at all. They pretty much just remixed these songs into techno music, which I can’t stand.

Then, Outasight came on. I knew a couple of his songs and liked them, but while he was performing I was blown away. He was really freaking good! He rapped, sang and seemed so bloody cool. My favourite song by him is definitely “Tonight is the Night,” I can’t get it out of my head.

When Gym Class Heroes finally came out (after over two hours of waiting IN the gym), people freaked out! Granted I was one of them, but people really started pushing up against people and I was surprised some people didn’t get knocked down. The band was great, and Travie McCoy was to die for! I had liked a lot of their music before the concert, but I was now completely in love with  them. They had such amazing energy and I loved how they talked to crowd- we all joined the Gym Class Heroes Family. For the time that they were on stage, I got that one moment when I realized how much I’m going to enjoy college. Hanging out with friends, screaming out song lyrics, and being surrounded by such extreme energy made me forget all my worries for a period of time. All that mattered was being in that one moment.

Love him ❤

Oh hey there, Travie ❤

“There goes the fighter!” Definitely had to suppress some tears on this one..