First college test?

The first test is college is always a nerve racking thing.  I know in high school I was never the one to study and hit the books for every test.  Let me tell you, that changed once I got to college.  When you get to college, you have to realize: YOU ARE PAYING TO GET AN EDUCATION.  It’s your own money, or your parents money that is sending you off and paying for you to attend this awesome college and get an education here.  Therefore, you will want to start studying and doing well on tests, quizzes, papers, etc.

So my advice?:

  • Don’t cram four hours of studying the night before the test
  • Study everyday for an hour — starting four days before your test
  • Make flashcards
  • Go over notes
  • Rewrite your notes
  • Teach a friend what you’re learning about
  • Go to the Student Learning Center in Coopers Hall
  • ^^ They can help you go over material, edit papers, and learn other studying/techniques that fit you and your learning style
  • If you have a paper you want your Professor to look over, send s/he an email and see if you can make an appointment (in advance!)

Here at Brockport there are so many options to help you succeed academically, you should all take advantage of those resources once you get here.


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