HI! I’m Allie!

Hi! I’m Allie! I am a senior here at Brockport studying Psychology and Health Science. I am from a very small town called Clinton, about 20 minutes outside of Utica. Entering college, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. After exploring different options and taking a variety of classes, I decided on Psychology and then just last semester I decided to add Health Science as my second major.

On campus I am involved in a lot of different clubs and organziations. I am a peer mentor which means that I am matched up with an Academic Planning Seminar class that every freshman takes and I am a resource for them to reach out to if they need help. I am a student ambassador;I talk to perspective students about my experiences here at Brockport. I also do a video blog for admissions.

When I am not studying or being active in organziations I am a part of, you’ll most likely find me at the SERC playing basketball/working out in the fitness center, hanging out with friends, or getting food at the various places to eat in town.

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