Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! My name is Chris and I’m a Criminal Justice transfer student at The College at Brockport in my Junior year!

As of right now, I live off campus and commute from Rochester (which can be a little rough at times!). I really wish I could dorm on campus; however I’m unable to right now due to other commitments outside of school such as taking care of my dog and apartment.

As far as work goes, I’ve been in IT for quite a few years. I work full time days at a company in Henrietta as an IT Analyst for Capital One’s corporate banking systems. It’s not really what I chose to do, but I was offered the position a couple years ago and couldn’t refuse!

In the long run I would like to apply my degree towards some type of criminal investigative position or maybe even an IT position within Criminal Justice. Depending on how everything goes at Brockport, I might continue onto my Masters!

When it comes to my spare time I enjoy things like being outdoors, shooting, 4-wheeling, camping, meeting new people, socializing with friends, and most of all having fun! Follow me throughout the semester on twitter @Bport_Chris!

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