Hello there! Which way to the dining hall?

Having finished my first week at Brockport, I thought it was time to introduce myself. I’m Michele, a transfer from MCC who commutes from Irondequoit. I work part time at Wegmans in Perinton. In other words, I spend a lot of time in my car!

I’ve spent my first week getting my feet wet in my classes. I’m a Business Administration major and I’m genuinely excited about most of my courses this semester. It just so happens that all of my classes are in Hartwell Hall. The funny thing is, despite the fact that this is a fairly straight forward building, I’ve still managed to get turned around several times when it’s time to head back to my car. Hartwell is no Winchester Mystery House, but somehow I don’t think I’ve popped out the same doorway twice! Yesterday in fact, I found myself walking through some construction. Oops! I did manage to meet a friend for lunch at the Union Square and get to the Winning It meeting in Rakov. But I these seem to be the only buildings I’m familiar with.

So, my self-imposed homework for next week is to get to know the campus better. Tour guide applications being accepted now! 😉

You can follow me on Twitter @Bport_Michele.

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