Time to Pack!

So I don’t know about all of you, but packing is one of the things I stress over. Last summer I honestly packed and repacked 20 times at least. I would like to share with you my tips on packing and making move-in day as easy as possible. I know this is going to be a long post but I could not manage to make a video under 30 minutes.

What To Bring:

1) Make a List

I have found that making a list and dividing it into categories is very helpful. I list EVERYTHING I plan on having in my room and crossing out things I already have or color-coding things I need to buy. Think about your day to day life and everything you use so you don’t forget anything.

2) Be Realistic

Think about the things you use regularly. You probably don’t need to pack a sweater you haven’t worn in years or things you “might” need. For example, I don’t work out (ever!) so I know that I should not back a lot of gym shorts and sneakers. Dorms are small so it’s better to back the things you know you will need/use and maybe bring things later when you know you will have space.

3) Plan Ahead

Think about how often you plan on visiting home. If you know you will be going home often, you can leave things at home that you are not sure about and pick them up when you visit, knowing you need them and will have space. Don’t think you need to bring winter boots or coats just yet. They take up a lot of room and will not be necessary in September. If you are not visiting home frequently, you may need to bring winter clothes now (and pray you won’t need it anytime soon!)

4) Communicate with your roommate(s)

The majority of things you pack are for your own use but there may be thins you and your roommate may want to share. Larger appliances (Fridges, TVs, fans, microwaves, game systems) may be expensive and you most likely will not need more than one. It is always best to talk to your roommates and figure out who is bringing what to avoid having twice as much as you need!

5) Know the Rules

It is important to know what is not allowed in the dorms as well as what is already provided for you. This can be found at http://www.brockport.edu/reslife/survivalguide.htm.


How To Bring It:

Move-In Day is such an easy experience as long as you are organized! Staffs of upper class-men (Including ME!) will be there to help you move everything into your room so all you have to do is the unpacking!

1) Think about Multiple Uses

Large storage bins are great for move in. They hold a lot of things and are great to keep in your room all year. They fit under the beds so you can store miscellaneous things in them you may not need every day.

2)Pack by Category

Similar to the list I mentioned above, it is best to pack everything based on where it will go in your room. I suggest keeping clothes in a bin (or 2 or 3), bedding in another, and desk supplies in another. This speeds up your unpacking because everything is basically together!

3) Label your Boxes and Bins

When everyone is moving in at the same time it can get to be a little chaotic. Just to be on the safe side make sure to put your name and room number on each of your boxes to make sure it ends up in your room.


I think that’s it…good luck packing and enjoy the last couple weeks of your summer:)

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