It’s that time in the semester where all the deadlines and due dates of projects that you procrastinated are slowly creeping up. Right about now, I want to pull my hair out, get in my car, and drive home for the summer. There are a  few things I do to help me keep sane during this chaotic time. Because I love basketball, I give myself at least an hour to play a night to break up the studying, projects, and reading of textbooks. I also like planning coffee or lunch dates with my friends so I am not going completely insane alone because I know it is not just me that is feeling that way! Also changing up scenery is helpful. Changing places to study and do my work from my room, to the union, to the library, or if it is nice out–doing my work outside!   Changing up daily routines is a simple way of not being totally stressed out during the hectic time in the semester !

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