My favorite things about Brockport:

1. The food. I absolutely love dining hall food. Since I’ve moved off campus and whenever I can get my hands on a guest pass, I never pass up the opportunity.

2. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get from one side of the campus to the other. This is great because usually the academic buildings I have class in are right next to eachother so I usually have time to go get coffee, print something off at Daily (printing lab), or get free popcorn from the union.

3. The entire campus is flat. There are not any hills to walk up in order to go to class or any buildings.

4. I can honestly say I am never bored. There are so many clubs and organizations that you can join and participate in. If I am not in admissions doing student ambassador or in the lab doing psychology research, I am probably doing homework or playing basketball.

5.  There are so many new renovations projects. Its exciting!! My favorite new project that will be opening up in the summer is the SERC. It is the new athletic complex with all new epuipment, big enough for concerts, and more available hours to go work out.

6. I feel that the campus is very diverse so you are constantly meeting all different kinds of people in all different majors and clubs.

7. Brockport resemebles my hometown which allowed me to adjust easier and has a home-y feeling!

8. Brockport is somewhat close to home but always far enough away where I have learned to live on my own.

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